Rhode Master Series

Race the Rhode and compete to be the Rhode Master!


  • Discount on the entry fees
  • Exclusive medal that will “complete” the series
  • Series specific swag to show off your Rhode Master status!
  • Compete to be crowned the age group winner and RHODE MASTER
  • Exclusive Facebook group for insider access and provide feedback and insights to the race directors
  • Discounts from sponsors and partners race


  • April – Newport Half and Full Marathon (1st half Split)
  • May – Providence Half and Full Marathon (1st half Split)
  • July – Bristol Half Marathon
  • September – Jamestown Half Marathon
  • October – Narragansett Half and Full Marathon (1st half Split)

To join our Rhode Master program, race 3, 4 or 5 half or full marathons in one calendar year.  For the Series discount, select a Rhode Race from the below link and click on MULTI-RACE BUNDLE to select 3, 4 or 5 total race registrations.  If you registered for the races individually and wish to join the Rhode Master Series, please email info@rhoderaces.us once you have completed at least 3 Rhode Races.  All races must be registered for by July 1 in order to receive the exclusive Rhode Master apparel at the end of the year.

*Free entries received from volunteering do not qualify for Rhode Master races.

Rhode Races Newport logo
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